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Khushbu Pandya – A Short Bio

pozycjonowanie stron internetowych w wyszukiwarkach

pozycjonowanie stron internetowych w wyszukiwarkach


pozycjonowanie stron internetowych w wyszukiwarkach bielsko-biała

Masters & Bachelors in Management discipline | Doctorate in Social Media Management | Founder of Konvophilia Communications | Experience in Industry & Academics | Author | Speaker | Avid Social Media Influencer & Awesome in whatever she does.

Passion & Expertise – Why She Writes About And Endorses Social Media?

At the start of her career with an MNC, she got the chance to study relationships between consumers and the Brand. This enabled her to develop a skill in understanding consumer behaviour, how to foster new relations, build & maintaining existing ones, retain them and convert them into loyal customers.

The chance to work as an academician gave a new direction to her career path. The skill developed in her previous work, integrating it with social media, she attained expertise in understanding consumer’s behaviour on social media platforms through her research for Ph.D. Her interest in social media field started long back in 2007 when she joined Facebook and realized the “Power of Relationships.”

She has written and published research papers, presented papers at conferences and seminars, conducted workshops and generously helped small businesses with her valuable social media consulting.

Please visit information centre to download her papers, presentations and free resources.

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Who We Are?

Konvophilia Communications is a full service company that offers total Social Media solutions.

Konvophilia Communications helps Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Professionals to connect and converse with their audience offering them solutions with unique blend of creativity, passion and expertise.

Our Philosophy

At Konvophilia, we love communicating with affection, passion and care. That’s what we build for our clients and help them create their own ripples of influence.

We help individuals and businesses do social media effectively and efficiently with customised solutions.

Our Services

  • Social media marketing
  • Social media audit
  • Social media optimization
  • Optimized blog development, design, maintenance and promotion
  • Brand management using social media monitoring
  • Social media profile creation, design and management (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  • Community building and monitoring
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social media distribution
  • Social media trainings
  • Social media consulting
  • Social media workshops
  • Social media content marketing

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Information Center

This section is specially designed for you to get started with Social Media. So, grab a cup of coffee, hang around and feel free to download presentations and other useful stuff !

Video Presentation

Also visit "fresh thoughts" – the blog by Khushbu Pandya, where she writes about her passion and shares her expertise.

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Our Thought Process


  • Assess the need and requirement of client.
  • Review the current use and presence on social media platforms.
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  • Educate the client on "what is social media".
  • Set expectations of client clearly.
  • Guide about do’s and don'ts.
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  • Provide detailed social media strategy/solutions.
  • Implement if required or supervise implementation.
  • Monitor improvement & suggest changes if required.

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